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City Pulse remains an isle of refinement that has time and again drawn the best of talent. What sets it apart is its pursuit of' LIVE cinema, where noted filmmakers and artists interact with the audience and discuss their work. The tilt continues to be towards music, art and dance.

15 kms from Ahmedabad, enroute to the state capital is a, serene haven which includes CityPulse Multiplex, City Pulse Institute of Film and Television, an Amphitheatre, an Art Gallery, a Multipurpose Hall, as well as a Multicuisine Restaurant ,besides a Food Court and a Discotheque.

Gandhinagar Office
Near Koba Circle,
Village Kudasan, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, (INDIA).

Telephone : +91-79-657 28080 / 81
E-Mail :
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CityPulse Institute of Film & Television

City Pulse, a cultural campus, conceived a decade ago, to provide a platform for true connoisseurs of the arts – both the performers and the audience.

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Gandhinagar International Film Festival

Gandhinagar International Film Festival (GIFF ) an initiative by CPIFT is an effort to nurture the platform of culture and tradition with the medium of Films.

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